Play 90 Minutes Speed 3.0 (4 Weeks)

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Play 90 Minutes Speed 3.0 is a program of physical fitness, with the focus on the gain, speed, and agility specific to football.

This program is designed to increase your speed, agility and explosiveness during the season and become the player that it is difficult to select or hard to beat in quick, fast, and dynamic.

It is important for you to know that your business influences a lot, if you are a player, extremely fast, but it does not have the gene the more prone you are to become faster, more agile, and more explosive.

This can be done by combining exercises and mechanics, COD (change of direction), plyometrics, and of the shots, including the shots for the linear and the curved line and there is also an exercise of love.

✅ Training in the Field

❌ Training in the Gym

❌ Racing, flat and long

⚽️ You only need a ball and a cone

*Lifetime access to the program

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