Tight Space 3.0 Program (4 Weeks)

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Play 90 Minutes Tight Space 3.0 is a physical-technical training program for football players.

The program has the same objective as previous versions: to do quality training with minimal space and equipment. The great news of version 3.0 is that you will find in this program ball training that will not only challenge you physically, but technically as well.

You will be able to use the training sessions of this program during your season, holidays and in situations where you will find yourself without access to a gym and soccer field. 

All exercises can be done in a space of 10 square meters (a square of 10mx10m), and the only necessary equipment is cones and a soccer ball.

In particular, I love using the exercises in this program:

1. During my vacation, when I travel to a place where I don't have a certain structure as an official camp.

2. During the season as a way to have that feeling that I trained more than my competitors

3. When training with the team is canceled for some reason.

✅ Technical Training. 

✅ Conditioning training.

✅ Strength Training with Body Weight.

❌ Workouts at the gym.

📆 Can be used during the Season and Holidays.


Lifetime acess

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