Pre-Season 3.0 Program (12 Weeks)

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Pre-Season 3.0 program is a training program for football players in offseason.

The main objective of the program is to assist the athlete to develop an elite physical conditioning and to arrive prepared for trials, or to be back and present themselves in a good shape to their club's pre season camp.

Ideally, you should start the program 12 weeks before the event you are preparing for.

The program has 12 weeks of training, divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks, and can be repeated throughout the year.

This program has sessions on the field, strength training sessions with body weight and mobility, which will help you to get ahead of the competition. The great benefit of this program, is that you will always be training more than your competitors, while many are doing nothing during the offseason, you will arrive prepared and well physically for your next challenge. 

A big mistake that most athletes make is to think that going 1 or 2 months without a training routine, will not have negative consequences during the return to pre season. Another crucial mistake is to think that in 2 weeks you will be able to train and be ready for a trial, championship or return to training with the team. Negative!

A good preparation must contain at least 4 weeks, and in this program you will have 3 times that, in other words, you will be preparing in a super differentiated way. Achieving results that will help you to achieve your goals.


The program has 3 phases ...

At Phase 1, the main objective will be to develop your aerobic capacity. In this phase you will find aerobic specific sessions, Interval training, aerobic sessions in the field and HIIT circuits.

At  Phase 2, we’re going to implement more explosive and speed exercises. We will continue to work on the aerobic part but also, you will find in this phase, changes of direction drills, anaerobic stamina sessions and much more.

At phase 3, reaction and agility exercises will be added together with speed and endurance exercises. In this phase, the level of difficulty will be higher than the other previous phases. The goal is to close the program with high intensity. After 4 weeks, you will have a different physique and will be prepared to face your new challenges.  

The program includes: 

✅ Field Sessions

✅ Strength Training without Equipment

✅ Training for the Development of Endurance, Speed, Agility and Reaction

✅ Mobility Sessions 

⚽️ Exercises with ball

🎥 Demo Videos 

❌ Boring workouts

 * Lifetime access to the program




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