Stamina Program 3.0 (4 Weeks)

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To play the full 90 minutes and Resistance to the 3.0, is a program of physical fitness, with the focus on the gain in strength is specific to the football players.

This program is designed to increase your stamina during the season and become the player that keeps the intensity of the game during all 90 minutes.

It is important for you to know that there are two different types of resistance. the resistance-aerobic and anaerobic. contrary to the belief of the majority of the game is a sport that is classified as anaerobic. In other words, football is a sport that requires the athlete to have the ability to repeat movements in a high intensity, often during a match.

For this reason, in this program you will find exercises that really simulate the situations in the game, with no races on the long, boring, and ineffective. at the end of the program, you will get an increase in your vo2 max, lactate threshold, and your cardiovascular ability. In this way, you will be the engine of the team.

The program can also be used during the racing season, if you feel the need to work on your strength in specific ways, and during the offseason, in conjunction with the programme of pre-season structure (such as an extra training).

✅ Training in the Field

✅ Off-season training with the Ball

❌ Training in the Gym

❌ Racing, flat and long

⚽️ Just a ball and a cone

*Lifetime access to the program