In Season Program (12 Weeks)

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Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

In Season 3.0 is a training program for football players in competition. The main objectives of the program are to help the athlete maintain fitness and reduce the risk of injury during the season. 

The program has 12 weeks of training and can be repeated throughout the year and used in conjunction.

This program features field training sessions, strength training sessions at the gym and mobility sessions that will help you get ahead of the competition during the year. The great benefit of this program is that you will always be training more than your competitors, without the risk of overtraining, as many athletes do not do additional work during the season.

It is increasingly common for professional athletes to look for personal trainers to do extra work when they are not training with the club. If you think that 1 hour of training with the club per day is enough, you are very much mistaken. During the season, you end up training less due to the number of games, so it is important that you do personal workouts so you do not to miss the benefits of the preseason.

The program includes: 

✅ Field Training

✅ Gym Workouts

✅ Mobility Sessions 

⚽️ Exercises with ball

🎥 Demo Videos 

❌ Boring and boring workouts

 * Lifetime access to the program



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