Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What equipment do I need?

To complete the program, the minimum requirement is that you have access to standard gym equipment, a soccer ball, a soccer field/court and a set of 20 cones. That's the bare minimum. You can use all this equipment to improvise in any of our sessions, which include agility poles, hurdles and ladders if you don't have access to them.

2. What age and level is the program designed for?

The program is designed for elite players, aged 16 and over who are currently in a professional club or intend to become professionals.

3. Do I need a partner?

The program is designed for a single player go completely alone, without the help of a partner or coach.

4. What is covered in the program?

The program covers absolutely everything you need to reach peak football fitness and excel at a professional level.

These include: fitness testing, speed, endurance, injury prevention, psychology, flexibility, and all elements of strength training. We have included separate in-season and pre-season plans that incorporate all of these training elements combined into one plan.

5. What are some of the more specific topics covered in the program?

The following attributes are worked on: ractions, change of direction, multidirectional explosiveness, movement mechanics, deceleration, acceleration, maximum speed, muscle endurance, muscle hypertrophy, power, maximum strength, flexibility, myofascial release, muscle activation, pre-game initiation speed repeatability, yoga, recovery, posture, anxiety, confidence, nerves, visualization, self-talk and goal setting.

6. How will I receive the program?

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email to your inbox with links to download the entire program. The program is in PDF format, includes hundreds of videos and can be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

7. Do you send me a physical book?

No, the program is digital and is in pdf format.

8. Can I get the program if I don't live in Brazil?

Yes, you can buy and start training anywhere in the world. Program download links are instantly sent to your email inbox after purchase.

9. How will I know where to start?

As part of the program, you'll find a welcome pdf that explains exactly how to get started.

10. Can I start at any stage of the season?

Yes, our program design allows you to get started no matter where you are in the current season. Again this is explained in the welcome pdf you will receive.

11. How many workouts are there per week?

Workouts per week range from 3 to 5 depending on what stage of the season you are at. We show you how to schedule them so you still have plenty of recovery time and don't risk overtraining or fatigue. We also explain what to do if you have a particularly heavy staffing schedule.

The program is geared towards ensuring peak performance during team training and matches 100% of the time. The program will complement your performance and not hinder it.

12. Why do you ask for my shipping address at checkout if you are not physically shipping anything?

This is a field that we cannot remove from the checkout process. It also helps protect against fraudulent orders by ensuring your billing details match your shipping address.

13. Can I incorporate my own equipment into the program?

We suggest that you follow the program exactly as described. 

14. Will I get future updates for free?

Yes, we do regular updates and additions to the program, you will automatically get these 100% free to your email box when the update is ready.

15. What do I do after completing the program?

The beauty of its design is that the training principles it builds on will never change. You can repeat the program again and keep improving.

16. What if I have questions?

You can send an email to contato@rumoaopro.com.br

17. How can I be sure this will work for me?

The program is based on scientific training principles, any issues with your results can be easily analyzed and resolved with the dedicated help of our team.

18. Can I do this along with my team sessions?

Yes absolutely, the program was designed with that in mind.

19. Can I do this with a friend?

A purchase only licenses the program for use by one player, and support for each purchase only includes one player.

20. What if it's too easy for me?

The program is designed to challenge even the fittest players, all exercises can easily be scaled to be more or less difficult.

21. How long will it take until I see results?

It varies from player to player, but psychological improvements can be almost instantaneous. Our players often report the first signs of visible physical and psychological improvement within 3-4 weeks of starting the program.

The most significant and lasting results occur in players who are committed to following the program as described over the long term.

View this program as an investment, not a cost. Long term has the ability to repay you thousands of times over in many areas of your life (not just football related or financially), and will also help you avoid physio related costs.

22. Can I follow the program if I return from injury?

The program is designed for players who are currently not injured just. You must complete your rehabilitation with your physical therapist and return to competitive play first.

23. Does the program include technical work on the ball?

Our focus and expertise is on strength and conditioning, so our number 1 priority is making you fitter to perform on the football field. Most of the time, that means training without the ball for maximum results. After all, you'll still be training with your team and doing a lot of work outside of this program. However, we add the ball where appropriate, looking for a greater challenge to coordination, focus or ball control under fatigue.

24. Can goalkeepers use this program?
The entire program is designed for field players. Goalkeepers can still benefit greatly, but it is by no means the most efficient or specific way to train a goalkeeper. With that said, the elements of the program that can be easily adapted to goalkeepers and which are still, for the most part, very beneficial to goalkeeper performance are: psychology, fat burning, and bodyweight and speed conditioning. We plan to release a fitness guide 100% aimed at goalkeepers in the future.


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