3 Tips for Passing Sieves

3 Tips for Passing Sieves

Speak, bolerada! For those who already follow #RumoAoPro, you know that I've already done several sieves and I've already been approved in many, and obviously I've been rejected in others. That's why I believe I can give you some teachings so that you can pass your next sieve. I'm going to reveal some tips that helped me to pass the sieves of Portuguesa, Palmeiras, Diadema, Santacruzense, Fluminense (Futsal), Círculo Militar (Futsal), and Colorado Rapids U23. 


Many athletes sign up for the sieve, and start preparing 1 week before the event, and that's a sure recipe for failure. It's no use for you to start training your physique and your technique with 3 days to go. To achieve quality fitness, you need at least 10 weeks of intense training. Why do you think UFC fighters spend months preparing for a fight? If you want to make a big splash, you must organize your schedule and include speed, agility, endurance, technique and strength training. If you want a training program made for players who are going to make a tryout, download our pre-season program



Player, that little talk that the ball runs is bullshit. In today's football, if you don't run, you will harm the entire team, in addition to not being a starter in any team, much less passing through a sieve. I tell you to focus on the physique because in a few weeks it's very difficult for you to evolve your technique at the same intensity that you can improve your physique. I'm not saying you shouldn't do technical training, but in the sieve few players prepare physically, and if you're a player who doesn't stop running for a second, you'll receive more balls, be in better positions, steal more balls and you'll be clear in the eyes of the scouts that you are a level above your competitors. 


Tip #3: BE BOLD!

In the sieve, you will have little time to play, wish you could touch the ball. Obviously, in a competitive game, you have to be more cautious and more calculating, but in a sieve you have to be a little more daring. So, if you play on the wing, for example, don't keep touching the ball backwards all the time, try a diagonal throw, a sprint, support the attack. Otherwise, the scouts will think you are an ordinary player and maybe they will not approve of you. As I said in tip #2, physical preparation will help you and will allow you to have energy to make more spins. 

If you want a set of workouts that will have you flying through the next round, download the PLAY THE 90 MINUTES training programs and start preparing today!




  • Gustavo Almeida

    Fera dms

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    Simplesmente sensacional, muito obrigado pela dica Lucas, essas dicas e com os conteúdos que você produz no seu canal e nos treinamentos, já nos dá a faca e o queijo, Vlw mesmo irmão por tudo tamo junto, te aguardo no futebol Europeu Irmão kkk.

  • Jessé Silva

    Muito obrigado boss 😍😍😍🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

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    Valeu mostro👌💪

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