5 tips to prepare you on SIEVE day!

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5 tips to prepare you on SIEVE day!

Speak monster or monster! All very well? In today's post I would like to give you some tips to prepare on the day or eve of the sieve. Many players just take the boot and ID and go to the field and in the end they end up playing poorly because they didn't eat properly or because they got nervous. Therefore, if you are going to make a sieve soon, read this post very carefully!

1. Sleep tight the day before!

I know the night before the sieve can be quite hectic due to our anxiety over thoughts of what is going to happen at the sieve. However, you have to get quality sleep to wake up full of energy for your big battle. Avoid sweets, coffee and lots of carbohydrates before bed and try not to exercise at night. My advice is that you avoid thinking about the sieve as much as possible, watch a TV program that you like or play a video game and when you fall asleep, go to sleep. Thinking about the sieve will only make you anxious and worried, stay present in the moment and not in the future.

2. Have a good coffee!

If the sieve is in the morning, try to wake up early and have breakfast 3 to 4 hours before the sieve so that your body can properly digest and absorb the food. Now yes, ingest quality co-carbohydrates like oats, fruits, whole grain bread as they will be used as energy at sieve time. A cup of coffee without too much sugar is also good for stimulating the nervous system.

3. Take a cold shower

I use this tactic on game day. Before going to the locker room I take a freezing shower to wake up and release some adrenaline. After the shower, I guarantee you, you will feel revitalized and PUMP!

4. Mentalization

This is another instrument I use when I'm a little nervous. I mentalize what I have to do during the sieve. I focus more on simple movements, like accurate passes, movements, behavior, things that are under my control, that way when I start the game the thoughts of what I have to do will be fresh in my mind. 

5. Music

There are studies that prove that music can help you practice sports and obviously I take advantage of that. My technique is the following... If I'm a little sleepy, I put on music with a faster beat like electronica or rock, but if I'm really nervous, I try to put on a more relaxed style of music like Reggae, Charlie Brown Jr.. You can use music along with mentalization too, an excellent combination.


When you get to the CT or the field, don't rush into it or think that the other players are big or that the field is bad, or that it's too hot. Focus only on what is under your control! If you prepared yourself physically and technically as we always say on the channel, just play your football and let it do the talking for you. A big problem for players is wanting to change what can't be changed. If you are assigned to guard a fast, strong and tall striker just remember the basics of how to score and do your best, instead of focusing on the other player, bring your mind to your side and focus on what you have to do to tag such a player.

If you want to start preparing physically for your next sieve download our #PlayThe90MinutesPreSeason training program and start training today!

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