How to Increase Your Stamina in Soccer?

How to Increase Your Stamina in Soccer?

Speak, bolerada! 

In today's post I'm going to talk about a subject that is extremely important if you want to become a better player and have great performances: YOUR PHYSICAL RESISTANCE!

Technique is very important, of course. However, it doesn't matter if you're talented with the ball at your feet if you don't have the energy to apply it to the game. When a player is well prepared physically, he can dribble, kick, defend and play much easier! That's why you need to take care of your physical preparation just as you take care of your technical part.

Well, let's go...  

There are many myths about how to increase your stamina and play the 90 minutes with intensity. One of the great myths is the famous 5km run. Who never, right? Obviously it has its benefits, but it's not the best type of training for a top-level player by far and I'll explain why...

There are two types of resistance:

1. Aerobic resistance

2. Anaerobic resistance

To keep things simple, anaerobic endurance is related to high intensity exercise like a 30m sprint. Already aerobic resistance is related to our beloved 5 km race.  

Going a little deeper... Our body has 3 systems related to energy production, 2 are anaerobic and 1 is aerobic.

The first is the anaerobic ATP-PC system, where ATP is the main source of energy. Remember that post about creatine? Creatine plays a key role in this process, which is why it is so used by professional athletes. As I wrote before, this system is linked with high intensity exercises, however thePhosphagen stores in active muscles are likely to be depleted after just 10 seconds of strenuous exercise, such as sprinting 80 meters.

The second system, also anaerobic, is anaerobic glycolysis. Here the source of energy is the "evil" carbohydrate (see how it's not that bad?) and/or glycogen (stored carbohydrate). This system is related to exercises of a still high intensity, but with a longer duration between 60-180 seconds, like the famous "Square of Death" that I post from time to time there on Instagram. In simpler words, it's those exercises that you feel "burn", this burning is nothing more than your body transforming glycogen into lactate! 

Finally, the aerobic system is the favorite of the kids in the 70s and 80s, in which the main source of energy is oxygen. This system is related to longer-lasting exercises such as the aforementioned 5km run.

Blz LDP, you said nice but what does this have to do with football?

What has to do is that, even with so much information, many athletes only work on 1 type of resistance, mainly the aerobic one, and forget that a high-level soccer game requires you to be a monster in both types of resistance.

Ah LDP, but can't I run 5 km more? Of course you can! It's still a nice workout, but it can't make up 90% of your physical preparation training. There are other exercises that can bring much more benefits and that will activate your 3 energy systems.

In addition, add exercises that simulate real game situations, with changes in direction, acceleration and deceleration, and even exercises that have contact with the ball.

If you want to have access to training that will help you to obtain a quality physical preparation, check out our our training programs and start training today!





  • Marcelio mariano de oliveira

    Eu aumenta minha resistência no futebol

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  • Micael gomes

    Ldp eu posso treina esse dois tipo de resistência no mesmo dia?

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