How to be motivated to train every day?

How to be motivated to train every day?

Speak, bolerada! In today's post I'll be explaining how you can always be on the pump to train and pursue your goals whether in football or outside of it.

During these year-end vacations I posted many videos on Instagram and Youtube training on the beach, on the court, at the gym, basically anywhere that had a space and I received many messages asking how I managed to have that willingness to train.

I won't go on too long because this is not my profile when I write here on the blog. The thing is, training has become a habit for me. For example, don't you brush your teeth every day? You don't shower every day? And why do you do it? For these activities have already become a habit.

I've reached a point where I find it difficult to spend a day without training or without challenging myself, obviously I have my moments and days of leisure but I'm right back to the routine the next day.

And how do you make training a habit? I believe this is the difficulty that many encounter. And there is no exact answer, everyone will have their own way of doing this process, but I will try to help you. 

What makes brushing your teeth an essential activity for your everyday life? If you don't brush your teeth andthere are the negative consequences that would be you will have bad breath, you will feel dirty, people will start to be annoyed by your presence, your teeth will turn yellow and rotten and there are positive consequences of brushing your teeth like having whiter teeth, avoiding cavities, good breath, more trust, right?

The problem is that people don't think about the consequences of training and not training. If you don't train, I guarantee you that someone else in the world is training and getting better than you, someone is getting faster, stronger, more resistant. On the other hand, if you train like an animal, I guarantee you that the results will come with the consistency of your work.

Therefore, training will only become a habit when the negative and positive consequences start to have some importance in your life.

The real thing is if you don't mind being a shit, you'll be a shit forever. 

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