How to use parachutes and vests in training

How to use parachutes and vests in training

Speak, bolerada! In today's post, we're going to talk about those parachutes, vests and weights that professional players use in their training and how to fit them into your training.

First, for those who have never used these equipment, they will cause resistance in your running or jumping, in other words they will require more strength from your muscles in these movements and in this way will increase the difficulty of your speed or impulse training.


Beauty, we already understand what they are for... But what are the real benefits? 

1. Increased power output. Especially in the direction we want to go, in the case of the vest it can be vertical, when used for jumping and in the case of the parachute, horizontal, when used for shooting and running.

2. Improves shooting technique. The use of this equipment will force you to pay more attention to your body posture, since, for example, running with a parachute will require more balance and therefore more stability in your torso. 

Who can use these equipment?

You don't have to be a professional player to use these training materials. Now obviously, if you're a total beginner, don't grab a 100kg vest and go running and jumping around, that's bait for injury and muscle fatigue. 

How to use them effectively

If you are focusing on gaining strength, I would recommend that you increase the loads to a heavier and more challenging weight, so in that case low rep weight vest jumps would be more interesting. I don't think going out running with a 100kg vest on your body is the best option because the chances of you losing your balance and stepping wrong are very high.

Now, if your focus is on explosion and speed, the best option would be the parachute or a lighter vest. Since, a weight of 10 kgs, for example, will not affect your running technique but it will still cause a certain resistance and challenge you, making you apply more force to your shot.

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    Muito eficazes os dois materiais, apesar de eu nunca ter treinado com eles, mas já vi jogadores treinando e concerteza são ótimos, muito obrigado Lucas por essas dicas vlw irmão tamo junto.

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