Creatine x Football: Is it worth taking?

Creatine x Football: Is it worth taking?

Author: @lukazdepaula (former professional athlete and physical trainer)

Speak, bolerada! Our Instagram page @rumoaopro receives numerous messages a day and a word that pops up several times there is "creatine". Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the world, especially in Brazil. Anyway, in today's post I'm going to talk a little more about creatine, explain its function in our body, the benefits it can bring and in the end, I'll give you my opinion if it's worth investing your money in it. 

What is creatine?

For those of you who think creatine is a bomb, calm down, calm down! Creatine is not a bomb, it is a protein, more specifically It is an amine synthesized by the body from two amino acids: glycine and arginine. She is produced by your body naturally, in addition it can also be found in animal meat, especially in red meat animals.

What is its function in the body?

Good, beauty. We've already seen that creatine is not some evil monster that will destroy your body, but what then, what is it for then? Let's explain.

When we do explosive movements like shooting or lifting weights, our body uses energy called ATP. After physical activity, ATP becomes ADP which is not useful to generate energy and that's where creatine comes in, it will work on the resynthesis of ADP to ATP so that we have energy to be used again. Here below I will leave an illustration for you to understand better:

Image result for creatina no corpo

Then you ask me... But if our body produces it and if we can find creatine in animal meat, why consume it in supplement form? The human body, naturally, will carry around 170, 180g of creatine in the body, but with supplementation your creatine stores can reach 220, 230g, a significant difference. So when you're full, you get the most benefit from creatine.


As already explained, creatine will speed up the recovery of your muscles in more intense and explosive activities such as sprints, sprints, weight lifting, etc.

It is worth it?

Creatine is not a miracle worker, it is not going to replace your workouts, nutrition and mindset. However, as I always say, a 1% advantage over your opponents can make the difference in a move, a dribble or a steal. Therefore, for the low cost, I believe that creatine is very worthwhile.

Remember that the most important thing has always been and always will be training. 

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  • Gera 10

    Gostei da explicação . De uma forma clara e transparente . Obrigado pela informação

  • Gustavo salome citron

    Show de bola LDP !!!
    Sempre tive muita dúvida sobre a “creatina” e não achava em lugar nenhum uma explicação simples porém muito bem explicado e exemplificada. Vlw pelo conteúdo, pois agora consegui entender muito bem !!

  • Gustavo Tavares

    Tem algum maléficio tomar essa proteína ?

  • Gabriel Dirceu

    Esses programas de treinamento tem com treinos com bola?

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