This is why I don't have a video game

This is why I don't have a video game

Speak, player. For those of you who follow the vlogs, you know that I don't own a PS4 and I'm not planning to buy a PS5. There was even a situation in a video where I was still in the US and I almost bought a PS4 for 300$ (1600 reais)

However, when I thought about buying that video game, I thought... ''Man, you can do so many other things with those 300$''.

And when I say do things, I mean things that could turn those 300$ into 600, 900, 3000$!

Said and done, instead of spending my 300$ on the PS4, I bought 2 audiobooks for 15$. And in these 2 audiobooks, I picked up amazing tips that helped me on my website and they even helped me record a video that today has over 60,000 views on YouTube (The training with 2 cones).

In other words, I did the famous ''alchemy'', I turned lead into gold. Apart from the hours I didn't waste playing video games....

Imagine how many hours of work and training I already had that I would lose playing video games!

I know that it's hard for younger kids to understand, but my video game is putting together my athletes' training, doing a great workout at the gym, listening to a great book by a football player, doing lives with subscribers.

''Ah LDP, so you're telling me to sell my video game?'' Dude, that's up to you. But, if you don't have the goal of becoming a gamer and if you're not yet a Neymar or Aguero (who already have a living and can do whatever they want), I think it's a fucking waste of time for you to spend 4 hours every day playing video games or any other shit that won't bring you back.

I'm not against leisure time, but you can't spend nearly 1/6th of your day fooling around.

And I'm not even counting the 8 hours of sleep. If you play 4 hours a day and sleep 8, you lose half the day!

I'm sorry, but that 50% will make a lot of difference down the road. A hug, comment here your opinion.

Lucas de Paula

NCSF Certified Strenght Coach


  • Salvador Evangelho

    Mt bom Tudo dito aqui Lucas
    Enquanto uns descansam jogando video games com os amigos outros tão treinando e melhorando e o mais importante não tão desperdiçando o seu tempo
    TEMPO É OURO só me apercebi do poder do treinamento aos 15 anos mas sou grato a DEUS

  • joao

    é isso daí mlk ja faz 3 meses que deixei o video game e compensanso estou jogando futebol bem melhor e estou evoluindo !!!

  • Henrique


  • Jean Vitor Rodrigues

    Nossa isso me ajudou muito, antes de ver isso eu jogava umas 3 à 4 horas por dia eu acho e olhava vídeos de jogos e isso era uma perda de tempo porque não ia me ajudar em nada, mas agora eu parei de jogar e estou com bem mais tempo para treinar, estudar e várias outras coisas úteis, valeu LDP

  • Eduardo

    Eu discordo de você, ldp. Se a pessoa quer comprar um Ps4, pq não comprar? Vc deve ser feliz, eu sou feliz treinando, mas outras pessoas são feliz jogando video game, e isso é normal.

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