My coach doesn't take me off the bench. What can I do?

My coach doesn't take me off the bench. What can I do?

 Speak, bolerada!

As everyone already knows, football is a game made up of 11 players on each side of the field, however, there are always reserve players in case of injury or tactical replacement.

During your career, you are unlikely to always be in the starting line-up, especially as the level of football increases. Now, what should you do if you're always at the bank? 

I wrote this article to answer most of the questions we receive. The first thing you need to know is that this is normal. The vast overwhelming majority has already passed through the reserve bank. It can be stressful and want to make you give up, but look at it in another way: “if I'm here, it means I'm not prepared enough to play or I don't suit my coach's tactical system.

I must either prepare myself physically to play, or be able to learn new ways to play and expand my options, like my position, for example”.

Be flexible with your coach. He knows you're a halfback, but work hard so that when he looks up from the bench needing a makeshift full-back, for example, the look at you stands out.

Don't stay in your comfort zone! It's all a psychological question with yourself. It's time to learn to recognize your mistakes. Ponder a simple question: “Am I a top 3 player on my team?”

If your answer to that question was a “No”, learn to outwork the best. Do more than the 1% do. Behave like them, train more than them, help more than them (collect and organize training material, for example).

Show your coach that you're interested. With words alone, he might not believe it 100%. Put into practice the reason for this desire.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo didn't work hard to get where he is? What about Jamie Vardy, who left amateur football to become Premier League champions?

On the other hand, never make the mistake of clashing with the coach or teammates, if you are on the bench, most of the time it's your fault, no coach is crazy enough to leave a player who is flying on the bench .

I say that because, from the moment you come into conflict with the coach, you lower all your chances of being in the starting line-up and that's it.

In summary, if you are on the bench, do an honest self-analysis of your football, ask for constructive criticism from your teammates, coaches and supporters. 

Start seeing reviews as gold and opportunities! See them with a marketing survey and work on them to eliminate them from your product, which in this case is your football!

We are together and #RumoAoPro

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