My opinion on motivational videos...

My opinion on motivational videos...

A lot of athletes send me messages about motivation, inspiration and all that nonsense...
The stop is the next brother... motivational videos, lectures and self-help books can help you open your mind and bring you more confidence.
However, they won't bring you the most important thing in football... THE CONSISTENCY!
Even if you watch a great motivational video every single day before practice or before a game, there will be bad days.
Motivational video does not work miracles.
Everyone sometimes wakes up in the morning pissed, not wanting to train at all, or unmotivated because the last game was horrible. But it is at these times that top-level athletes differ.
Do you think Sergio Ramos this week wasted time thinking about the two penalties he missed? I bet not.
He probably should have trained even harder to never see a mistake like that happen again. In football, you don't have time to think about the last game, the training that you didn't do well.
Played badly? Alright, let's fix the mistakes in the trainings and keep on dancing. Woke up without motivation? Are you sad? Fuck it, if you want to be the best you have an obligation to train and improve every day, mate.
Because you can bet, there's someone wanting to take your spot and you're going to lose if you goof around, don't worry. Sink or swim...
Lucas de Paula
NCSF Strength Coach

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