What to do if you fail the sieve? 3 valuable tips!

What to do if you fail the sieve? 3 valuable tips!

Speak up, crack! February, beginning of the year, screenings happening all over Brazil, few athletes being approved and many, unfortunately, being dismissed...

This is the reality we live in, the more competition, the more difficult the goal. Now, what differentiates successful athletes from failure people is the ability to know how to deal with life's blows.

In today's post, I'm going to give you some advice to use if you don't pass the test or experience a similar difficulty during your football career.

Advice #1 Don't blame others

This is one of the worst things you can do if you get dumped, point the finger and take the blame out of yourself. I know there are schemes, scams, athletes who pay, but the naked truth is that if you break and make it rain in the sieve, you will be approved, because nobody throws away a quality player and it would be free on top of that.

That's why it's important that you don't keep pointing the finger at the coach, the director, the team, because if you do, you'll end up messing up tip #2.

Advice #2 Self-criticize

After a layoff it is ideal that you are rational and not emotional and what I mean by that... I mean that you should coldly analyze and as impartially as possible your performance in the sieve. Put yourself in the stands or in the coach's seat watching and ask yourself: Did I do my best? Could he have hit more passes? Could it have been more dangerous? 

This is a moment when you will realize that there are many things to be improved and worked on and this will be your fuel to apply tip #3.

Advice #3 Start training IMMEDIATELY

After a dismissal, the athlete's biggest mistake is to be sad and stop training, giving a break in the project and development that was being done. As painful as the layoff is, don't stop. Use tip #2 to motivate yourself to get back to work and start preparing for your next sieve.

See what the most negative points were and work on them with determination until you improve them, for example: If you came to the conclusion that you lacked stamina and stamina, maybe you have to work on your physical preparation or if you're a striker and didn't score any goal, it's time to work on your positioning and finishing

Become a master in the art of falling, lifting and evolving and I guarantee you that you will reach places you never imagined reaching!

And remember! If you're preparing for your next sieve and don't know how to train and organize, take a look at our new training program Play the 90 Minutes Sieve, a 5-week program designed to get you fired up for your next test!

Let's train and #RumoAoPro

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