What do you do when no one is looking?

What do you do when no one is looking?

Speak, player! One thing you have to understand on your journey to become an elite player or even another career you pursue as a coach, physical trainer, it doesn't matter, that what will determine the size of your success is what you do when no one is looking. 

It's those extra workouts that you do alone and that no one sees that will set you apart on game day, much more than training with the team. These actions "with closed doors" as we speak in English will give you some advantages over your competitors.

First, if no one knows what you are doing, you will catch them all by surprise when your evolution starts to bear fruit and your competitors will not know what you are training for this evolution to occur, that is, you will always be evolving and they they will always be stagnant.

Second, and that's the best advantage in my opinion... You'll be mentally more prepared because you'll be aware that your opponent hasn't worked harder than you and I'm a believer that you play the way you train, so if your training has more quality and more intensity than your opponents, then your game will be better than his too.

Plus, this mindset will help you avoid that pre-game jitters that many athletes feel due to a lack of confidence. 

Obviously, I'm not saying to just train yourself. Training with the team is fundamental and you have to keep doing your best in these sessions to be in the starting line-up and evolve. 

The idea here is to help you build an advantage against your positional competitors and opponents. Training with the team, everyone trains, it's a must. Now, how many guys and gals wake up at 5 am to do extra physical work, core work, gym work or calisthenics work or even technical work?

Stop to think, let's assume you have a competitor of your position and you train 5 days a week with the team and 2 hours a day. Your competitor doesn't train extra, but you train 1 extra hour every day. At the end of the week you will have trained 15 hours a week and your competitor only 10.

Now multiply that by all the weeks of the year. See the difference?

Hope I helped you with this post. 

We are together and RumoAoPro

Lucas de Paula


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