Plyometrics for soccer players explained!

Plyometrics for soccer players explained!

Speak, holy monster! There is a word that is on the lips of new fitness coaches around the world! It's like plyometrics. And in today's post, I'm going to explain in a simple way what plyometric work is and how it can help you on game day.

The main objective of plyometrics is to develop your ability to generate fast and powerful movements, as well as to create a better coordination of your nervous system with your muscular system.

A good example of a situation where plyometrics can help you would be when, for example, you (assuming you are in your defense area) go up to head, the ball is left in the half moon at the opponent's foot and immediately after landing from the jump you have to block the free kick before the other team's striker kicks it in the goal. If you don't have a certain amount of explosiveness, elasticity and can't absorb the force of the landing efficiently, you will certainly lack speed and agility to block the kick and maybe you won't arrive in time.

Here are some examples of plyometric exercises:

  • Jump: jumps on 2 legs and lands on 2 legs.
  • Hop: Jump on one leg and land on the same leg, or, jump on 1 leg and land on 2 legs.
  • Bound: Jumps on 1 leg and lands on the opposite leg.

Features of a plyometric workout

- Plyometric exercises have a ground contact of at least 0.2 seconds.

- Must include the cycle of lengthening and shortening the muscle.

What is the lengthening and shortening cycle? 

This cycle is a sequential muscle contraction that occurs on the back of your heel when you make movements like jumping for example. Let's assume that you jump from a bench, when you land the muscles and tendons in that region are stretched, and with that there is an absorption of elastic energy, which will be used later in the shortening of the muscles when you jump again. 

This cycle is used in many movements in a football game without you noticing, such as when you are running, jumping, changing direction or speed.

However, if the cycle takes too long to complete, the elastic energy is lost and its benefits will be null.

Start implementing plyometrics into your routine and you'll see amazing results in your fitness.

But, remember to talk to a professional first, to make sure that the movements are done correctly, avoiding any type of injury in your training.

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