What is the fat percentage for football players and how to calculate it?

What is the fat percentage for football players and how to calculate it?

Speak, bolerada! In today's post we're going to talk about fat percentage! What should be the ideal percentage for a football player? How can I calculate my percentage? All and other questions will be clarified below.

Each in its square

The average fat percentage of Premier League first division players, for example, ranges from 8-12%. However, in smaller leagues like the Croatian league and even on the university campus here in the United States, the average rises to 14.9%!

In other words, the higher the level of football, the lower the fat percentage of the athletes. Ideally, you should aim for the 8-12% like Premier League players.

And the goalkeepers?

Easy, easy... Goalkeepers the story is a little different. There are not many researches about the ideal percentage for goalkeepers, however, the averages vary from 11 to 18%.

Obviously, it's not because you're a goalkeeper that you have to accommodate and get heavy. A goalkeeper has to be able to jump, move with agility, be mobile. Therefore, I would suggest that you follow the same goal as the linemen of 8-12% body fat.

What about women, LDP? 

In women's football the story also changes a little. Naturally, women store more fat than men. And obviously, there isn't a lot of research on the subject.

But studies show that a percentage below 8% for female athletes can be detrimental to their health. Therefore, the female percentage should be higher than the male.

In surveys that looked at other sports such as basketball, hockey and handball, the average ranged from 12-22%.

Bottom line, aim for an average of 10-18% and obviously analyze your performance to find the ideal percentage. Nothing here is black and white.

How to lower your percentage?

Many factors influence your body fat index, such as your training, your diet and your mental state.

As far as workouts go, you can start adding some calisthenics HIITS into your training routine as extra work, or interval work on the field or treadmill like the John Terry workout I posted on YouTube. The good thing about these workouts is that they are short but intense and can be done without a lot of equipment.

Now, remember... asking for fat can be challenging for many. The secret is to trust the process and not want immediate results. No one achieves good results in the blink of an eye. Train, eat and be patient, the results will come in the long run.

How to measure my percentage?

You can measure your percentage in a consultation with a nutritionist or physical trainer. Another simpler way would be with a fat percentage calculator like this below:


You can get one like this on our website! Clicking here

Hope I clarified some of your doubts! 

Jamie, Jamie Vardy a #RumoAoPro!

Lucas de Paula 

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