The importance of reaction skills and how to train them

The importance of reaction skills and how to train them

Speak, player! In today's post I would like to address a physical quality that perhaps does not receive as much attention from athletes as it should, your REACTION CAPACITY.

Have you noticed Neymar playing? How does he dribble easier and faster than other players? Or how he takes penalties always displacing the goalkeeper? All this has to do with his reaction.

There are a few types of reaction. The first one we're going to talk about is the simple reaction.

Basically, the simple reaction is the total time elapsed between the presentation of a stimulus and the occurrence of a response in a task that requires a participant to perform an elementary behavior (for example, pressing a key) whenever a stimulus (such as a light or sound) is displayed.

An easier way to get this stuck in your mind is when athletes react to the sound of the pistol and fire into the race. In soccer, a good example would be your reaction to a teammate's throw.

A good way to train his simple reaction would be for your trainer to give a command for each color he speaks, for example blue would mean crouch, red would jump, yellow would lie on the ground and so on.

Second type of reaction is recognition!

Recognition reaction time (TRS) involves a cognitive process of selecting the optimal response to multiple stimuli, and the response depends on the type and shape of the stimuli. 

For example, when a goalkeeper is going to save a penalty, he has several stimuli, but only 1 response, which is to choose the side according to the run, look, posture and behavior of the scorer.

An excellent exercise to train this type of reaction would be if your coach called two more numbers with different commands, such as blue, yellow and red, with blue jump, yellow, gourd and red a 5 meter throw.

Third and final type of reaction is choice! 

This is the reaction that takes the longest to process but is the most common in soccer. Here there are many different stimuli and many different responses. For example, let's assume you're playing center forward and you're pivoting and you see the defender coming at your back and you also see your free teammate. You have 2 options, do the spin on the defender or fix it for your teammate.

That's why we call geniuses superstars, because in addition to having an excellent technical quality, they also have a very high reasoning capacity. They can predict a move before it happens.

I hope this post has helped you in some way and remember that your reaction capacity is a quality that must be trained as well as your speed, endurance, technique, etc.

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 We're together and #RumoAoPro!


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    Faz um vídeo sobre exercícios pra fortalecer as pernas

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    Ótimo post, a reação deve ser explorada ao máximo durante o jogo!

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    Fala ldp, eu tô precisando de ajuda na marcação, jogava de meia é agora vim para a lateral, quais os pilares para melhorar na marcação?

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    Faz um video top de reação🔥 LDP

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