Is it possible to gain muscle mass playing football?

Is it possible to gain muscle mass playing football?

The question that everybody wants to hear...

Is it possible to gain muscle mass playing football?

Although you have already heard some bodybuilders on youtube saying that cardio kills your gains in muscle mass, YES, it is possible to gain muscle mass playing soccer.

It is a difficult task, due to the large amount of training and games during the season. 

Therefore, as an athlete trainer, I can say that the best phase of the year to gain muscle mass is during your offseason or vacation, as your caloric expenditure is lower and easier to control.

Another point that complicates mass gain during the season is that hypertrophy training requires you to ''injure'' the muscle and this can end up getting in the way of training with the team, which is the most important thing and will define whether you will own or not.

To gain mass there is not much secret, just have a caloric surplus with a diet rich in proteins (1.5-2g of protein per kg of body) and have a well-structured strength training program.

If you need specific gym sessions for soccer players, check out my 2 programs for athletes in season, the J90 Season 3.0 and the J90 Power and Speed, both can help you gain mass without overtraining.

And if you are in the offseason, the best option would be the J90 Hypertrophy, there are 9 weeks of training for you to gain lean mass and become a bull in the field.




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